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Donate your unwanted items and make an impact in the community!


** Only $10 per item for the first 4 items, then just $5 per additional item* **

All proceeds go to support Beyond Living and other local Non-Profits plus
YOU get a Tax Deduction for your donations!

(* $10 Item Pickup Based on availability of pickup windows. After 4 items , fee will be reduced to only $5 per additional item. Time slots will be determined on first come first serve basis. All proceeds will support local non-profits. Upon pickup, items must be already set for "curbside" pickup unless otherwise arranged with BeyondLiving.)

Your Donated Items will not only provide a quick and easy solution to your item removal needs, but you'll be making an impact in the lives of others - Guaranteed!

Your order will create a job for those in need through a Non-Profit partner...PLUS 100% of proceeds will go to the following Non-Profit Organization(s)!...


THANK YOU for making a HUGE IMPACT in the lives of others!

Donation Pick Up services are currently available in the Las Vegas market...

Donation Items Must Be in Reusable, Good Working, and Resalable Condition,
otherwise donation will be refused or you may elect a disposal fee of $40/item

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    • I hereby understand that NextGen Transport LLC is a technology company that provides connections between  individuals or businesses needing small amounts personal property (cargo) moved from one point to another, to individuals that have the capacity to transport such personal property. NextGen Transport LLC does not own any transportation vehicles and is not the final provider of delivery services. 

    • I hereby understand that the Non Profit Organization(s) listed above will benefit from my delivery, but may not directly responsible for providing the services, as this will be provided by an affiliate delivery company as part of the NextGen Transport LLC network, which such delivery company hires resources from Beyond Living and other Non-Profits for creating social goodwill and positive impact and change.  I hereby hold harmless the non-profits listed herein or otherwise, along with NextGen Transport LLC, for any and all claims or damages that may arise involved from delivery services in connection with this delivery request or beyond.

    • I hereby attest that I will not be engaging NextGen Transport or any of its service providers, affiliates and partners in the delivery of any illegal substances, firearms, stolen property, hazardous materials, pets or other live animals, nor any valuables over $5,000 (unless proper additional insurance is secured).

    • I hereby understand that each delivery service provider is required to perform complete background checks for all drivers and assistants, carry at least the minimum insurance required by law, and additionally provide coverage of at least $5,000.00 for damages to any personal property in the event of an vehicle accident while transporting cargo. Damages to any property as part of loading or unloading items for delivery is the sole responsibility of property owner.

    • I hereby understand that the quote provided is based on the information provided in your request above. If you change the nature of your job request or information you provided is found to be inaccurate, your pricing will be adjusted accordingly upwards or downward to align to the actual specifications of the jobs. This includes changes or modification that may occur during the delivery process.

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    Impact Solutions is a Service by Beyond Living , a 501c3 organization that provides a unique Integrated Housing and Vocational Training program. Donation pickup and peer to peer requests provide job opportunities to program members as part of their opportunity rebuild and reintegrate into the workforce via Impact Solutions services by Beyond Living. All providers of services have been background checked and cargo transportation is insured up to predefined limits as described in the ordering process.